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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

SPIDER WARS: Episode #4

On the Last Episode of Spider Wars:
Septimus had conquered the O’Hare homeland after the invader Rufus had drawn the O’Hare army to the north.  O’Hare had retreated to regroup in the Rainy Plains, while Rufus was smitten by the beast of the Underworld.

Today on Spider Wars:

Wasting away in the Rainy Plains, O’Hare appeals to the mercy of the Beings of the Underworld to purge O’Hare territory of the usurper, Septimus, before the rains return.  Hearing his pleas, the Beings send a gale force wind against Septimus’ army.  Septimus, angered by the Beings’ wrath, charge for to the Underworld only to be met by the guardian, Ripplestiltskin.  After an intense battle, Septimus returned to the Ceiling, bruised and bloodied, eventually succumbing to his wounds.  O’Hare, weak from enduring the Plains’ storms, passed, leaving his army in the charge of his daughter, Twyla.

SPIDER WARS: Episode #3

On the last Episode of Spider Wars:
Septimus had retreated to his own territory on the other side of the mirror after a crushing defeat by O’Hare’s army.  The O’Hare homeland was once again secure.

Today on Spider Wars:
Another intruder appears in the washroom, encroaching on the outer limits of no man’s lamp into northern O’Hare country.  As O’Hare leads his army to fend off Rufus’ invaders in the north, Septimus regroups and launches a full scale siege of O’Hare homeland.  O’Hare, left without the strength to reclaim his native soil, retreats to the Rainy Plains.  Suddenly, a great earthquake shook the ceiling and Rufus was crushed to death and wild beasts fed on his remains.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Thursday, 28 August 2014

GLOBAL MINDFULNESS - Or Why I Won't Be Participating In The Ice Bucket Challenge

Recently, I re-shared this photo on Facebook:

I received some backlash from friends about it, emphasizing the need for ALS to receive charitable funding and that I shouldn’t be promoting one charity as more deserving of funding than another.

I can see how this could be the perception given from this photo, but in fact it is a statement of statistics – open to interpretation.

First, I would like to state that ALS is a shockingly horrifying disease that strips the sufferer of all dignity and causes extreme hardship on the families of those affected by it.  It DOES deserve funding and a cure!  Never have I begrudged the donations being made to research into the disease.  For more information on ALS or to make a donation, go to

The reason I posted this image was because it provided an opportunity to raise global mindfulness. 

When is the last time you flushed your toilet and thought “I just defecated into 3.5 gallons of fresh, clean drinking water”?  If the answer isn’t “all the time”, then that is why I posted this photo.  The argument can be made that because of our plumbing, we can’t choose to exclusively have dirty water go to our toilets, but much like my reasons for posting the image, that is not the point.  The point is awareness.  We should be conscious of the impact our actions have on the planet.  We need to think about what we are doing as we do it!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

WRITING SNIPPET - The Sun In The Trees

As I sit here, I see the sunlight on the trees and I'm taken away.  The green is so vibrant that it reminds me of the moments before dusk in some tropical country, where I have been awestruck by the vivacity of the greens against a bright blue sky.  The sun highlighting rich tones that lie invisible at the height of day.  I'm in cottage country in northern Canada in August, but I could very well be sitting in my lovely hostel in the Ecuadorian rainforest.  It is usually a scent that will take me travelling to another time or place, but tonight, tonight, it is the way the sun hit the trees.  It was there for the briefest of moments and then as the world turns, it is gone and I am back to where I am.  Time travel complete.  But I was there...

Saturday, 9 August 2014


As I lay here tonight
I think of you
Of how you sometimes leap into my arms
Despite yourself
How you stay there and purr
Half purr
Despite yourself
Because I’m holding you
Because I love you
Because despite yourself
You love me
You love being close to me
Even when you don’t like being held
You like that I’m near
Despite not liking what I do
You like that I want to hold you
Even if you don’t want to be held
You let me hold you
You complain but never bite
Despite yourself
You’d rather be in my arms than anywhere else.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

LEVEL UP #1 - Master of the Wash Cloth

Recently, I have been traveling and staying with friends who are gracious enough to provide me with towels and wash cloths for bathing.  I had brought my own towel and loofa for when I was staying in hostels, but have opted to take advantage of the kindness of my friends and use that things they offered.  This posed a problem.  People have moved from bar soap and wash cloths (the bathing system I used while growing up) to body wash and loofas.  The problem occurs when you try and merge the systems.  How do you get a good lather using a wash cloth with body wash?

This  has plagued me on previous journeys, yet they have always been brief enough that repeated applications of the body wash to the wash cloth has sufficed for overall washing coverage.  It was only today that I mastered the art of proper wash cloth/body wash lather!

For this, I have been awarded a Life Skill Level Up!  When using bar soap, you usually envelope the soap in the wash cloth until you work up sufficient lather, then release the soap to whence it came.  Body wash is trickier.  To reach full lather potential, I applied an ample amount of body wash to the cloth (approximately the size of a Canadian Loonie – the size of a quarter just won’t cut it) and then went about the same process of rubbing the wash cloth until it was frothing with lather.  This was enough to remain sudsy for the entirety of the shower (well, at least the part where I was washing myself).

I now feel like I am the Master of the Bath!

(PS – Random Observation: Mint Body Wash is really popular in the UK!)