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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

LEVEL UP #1 - Master of the Wash Cloth

Recently, I have been traveling and staying with friends who are gracious enough to provide me with towels and wash cloths for bathing.  I had brought my own towel and loofa for when I was staying in hostels, but have opted to take advantage of the kindness of my friends and use that things they offered.  This posed a problem.  People have moved from bar soap and wash cloths (the bathing system I used while growing up) to body wash and loofas.  The problem occurs when you try and merge the systems.  How do you get a good lather using a wash cloth with body wash?

This  has plagued me on previous journeys, yet they have always been brief enough that repeated applications of the body wash to the wash cloth has sufficed for overall washing coverage.  It was only today that I mastered the art of proper wash cloth/body wash lather!

For this, I have been awarded a Life Skill Level Up!  When using bar soap, you usually envelope the soap in the wash cloth until you work up sufficient lather, then release the soap to whence it came.  Body wash is trickier.  To reach full lather potential, I applied an ample amount of body wash to the cloth (approximately the size of a Canadian Loonie – the size of a quarter just won’t cut it) and then went about the same process of rubbing the wash cloth until it was frothing with lather.  This was enough to remain sudsy for the entirety of the shower (well, at least the part where I was washing myself).

I now feel like I am the Master of the Bath!

(PS – Random Observation: Mint Body Wash is really popular in the UK!)