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Tuesday 15 January 2013

Little Logan and the Snowflake Waltz

This book of the Little Logan series was written in loving memory of Sheba, who we lost in 2012.
Sheba - 2005

Little Logan and the Snowflake Waltz

This is Twink.
Twink has lost her family.
[IMAGE: A snowflake]

LOGAN LOG: January 20, 2012 – 11:00am

Today Sheba, Audrey and I were playing in the backyard when we heard a sound like sniffles.

We followed the direction of the sound until it led us deep into the heart of the Snow Covered Forest.

Upon a snow covered stump, beneath a snow covered maple tree, sat a small snowflake weeping.

“Hello” I said and startled the poor snowflake.

“It’s okay! We’re friends.  Why are you crying?” Sheba asked.

“Oh! Please excuse me, it’s only *sniff* I’ve lost my brothers and sisters.  The Big Wind came along and blew them all away.”  The little snowflake replied.

“Oh no!  That’s terrible!” Audrey exclaimed.

“I know and I am too small to look for them.  Would you be able to help me find my family?”

“Of course!  We would never leave a snowflake in distress!  I am Captain Logan and these are my trusty sidekicks: Major Sheba and Private Audrey.”  I said.

“Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!  My name is Twink.  We need to find Crystal, Flurry, Slushy and Tundra.”  Twink said wiping the icicle tears from her eyes.

“Alright, team!  Misson HO!” I cried.

LOGAN LOG: 11:30am

We journeyed into the thick of the trees, until we could barely make out the sky above the snowy canopy.
The only sound was the crunch of twigs and snow beneath our feet, when all of a sudden a long wail rang out from above. We stood still and again the wail came:


We all looked up.  “It’s Crystal!” Twink shouted.

There, over our heads. clinging to a branch was Crystal, Twink’s older sister.

“HEEELLLLPPP!!!” she called again.

Swinging into action, I began to climb the tree.  Sheba boosted me to the nearest branch.  “Be careful!” shouted Audrey.

I climbed way up, until finally I reached the branch where Crystal was trapped.  I wiggled across until I could reach her.

I put out my hand and she climbed up my arm and rested safely on my shoulder as I made my way carefully down the tree.

“Oh, thank you! I was so scared.” Crystal whimpered.

“Do you know where the others are?” Twink asked.

“The Big Wind blew them towards the river.” Crystal responded.

“Then, that’s the way we will go.  Come on, gang!” I said.

LOGAN LOG: 12:30pm

Our band of adventurers continued through the woods until the trees broke to reveal a river.

Smack in the middle of the river was a rock and upon that rock sat two identical snowflakes, huddled together and shivering.

“That’s Flurry and Slushy! Oh no! How will we ever get them off that rock?” Crystal shrieked.

“I can swim, I can swim!  Real good swimmer, that I am! Pick me, oh please oh please oh please!” Audrey begged.

“If you think you can manage the current.  I think it may be the only way.” I answered.

Audrey dashed into the water and began her swim through the rushing water to the rock.

“I don’t like this, the water is so cold.  Hurry, Audrey, HURRY!” Sheba yelled as she paced anxiously along the shore.

Audrey reached the rock and Flurry and Slushy each grabbed hold of one of Audrey’s ears and she quickly swam back to shore.

The four snowflakes were overjoyed to be reunited.

“Thank you for saving us!” Flurry and Slushy said in tandem, as they hugged the dripping Audrey.

“I thought no two snowflakes were the same, but you are identical.  How did that happen?” I asked.

“We’re not identical!” the twins replied.

“I’m a girl.” said Flurry with little curtsy.

“And I’m a boy.” said Slushy, trying to look as manly as he could.

“And my name is Flurry.” said Flurry.

“And my name is Slushy.” said Slushy.

“See! We’re as different as can be!” said the two little snowflakes together.

“But where is Tundra?” Twink interrupted.

“He was with us, but a bird flew by and swept him away.” Flurry and Slushy replied.

“Oh no!” cried Crystal. “How will we ever find him?”

Just then, a bird flew overhead followed by a tiny shout:


“TUNDRA!” the snowflakes gasped.

“Follow that bird!” I charged and off we ran.

LOGAN LOG: 1:00pm

After quite the chase, the bird settled in an open field.

“Everyone stay here. I will blend in with the snow and sneak close enough to get Tundra.” Sheba whispered.

“Good thinking!” I agreed.

Sheba was nearly invisible with all the snow.  She slowly crept closer and closer.  When  she was just a few feet away from the bird, Tundra spotted her and gasped.  The bird turned and spied Sheba crouching in the snow and took to flight.

“Not againnnnn!!!!!” Tundra bellowed.

Sheba chased after him, keeping pace with the bird and shouting “Jump! Jump! I will catch you!”

“I can’t!” Tundra shrieked in terror.

“You can! I promise, I will catch you!  Trust me!” Sheba yelled, beginning to fall behind.

With that, Tundra let go and stated plummeting down toward the snowy field.  Sheba raced ahead, never letting the tiny snowflake out of her sight.

At that moment, the Big Wind came back and sent Tundra dancing through the sky. Audrey and I huddled together with the snowflakes clinging tightly to Audrey’s fur.

Sheba raced to and fro chasing the little snowflake as he was tossed this way and that. 

“Help me, pwwwwwease!!!” called Tundra, as he flipped and spun through the air.

Sheba was beginning to tire when the Big Wind disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

“I’m fawwwllllllllwwwwing.....” Tundra wailed.

“I’ve got you!” Sheba said as she leapt into the air, catching Tundra on the tip of her nose and landing softly in the snow.

We all cheered as Sheba trotted back with Tundra happily perched atop her snout.

The other snowflakes rushed over to welcome back their little brother from his harrowing adventure.  They jumped and sang and danced with delight in a magical snowflake waltz.

LOGAN LOG: 2:00pm

After much celebrating, we started the walk back towards the yard.  The snowflakes accompanied us to the edge of the Snow Covered Forest.

As we were saying our goodbyes, I noticed that Sheba looked troubled.

“Is something bothering you, Sheba?” I asked.

“Oh no!” Sheba sad?” Audrey said, giving Sheba a nuzzle.

“I’m just worried.  What if the Big Wind comes back and no one is here to protect our little snowflake friends?”

“AH! Big Wind?!” screeched the snowflakes and they darted into hiding behind Sheba’s ears.

“Pwease don’t let the Big Wind blow us away again!” Tundra pleaded.

“What can we do? It is too warm in the house for snowflakes; they would surely melt.” I replied.

“I will stay with them.” Sheba said. “I’m getting too old to run and jump and play with you and Audrey.”

“Sheba no leave!” Audrey said forlornly.

“It’s time.  You can take good care of Logan on your own.”

“But Sheba...” I could barely speak.

“Logan, you are growing up and will do more and more as each day passes.  Audrey is young and will be there to keep you safe.  I’m too old to chase after you all the time.  With the snowflakes, I can still be useful.  I don’t mind the cold and I love the snow and I will never be lonely watching out little friends jump and dance all day.  And they will never have to be afraid of the Big Wind again.”

“Do you really mean it, Sheba?” Twink said hopefully.

“I do.” Sheba replied.

A cheer rose from the snowflakes. “Sheba is our new home!” Tundra exclaimed.

“We miss you!” Audrey said with a tear in her eye.

No words came.  I threw my arms around her neck and buried my face in her soft white fur and sobbed.

“It’s okay, my sweet little Logan.  This is not goodbye.  Each time you see the snow falling, we will be waiting for you and Audrey to come play.”

I nodded.

“Take care of the Captain!  You’re the Major now.” Sheba whispered to Audrey.

Audrey responded with a final nuzzle and we waved farewell to Sheba and the snowflakes.  Audrey and I slowly made our way into the backyard, our hearts a little heavier but hopeful for the day when the snow would come again.

LOGAN LOG: January 20, 2013 – 11:00am

Today it snowed.

[IMAGE: Logan and Audrey playing in the yard making a Sheba “snowdog” with snowflakes falling around them.]

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