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Sunday 17 March 2013


Well, this has been a crazy week and this week’s plunder is dedicated to those people who helped me get through it!

In a previous post, I discussed how I was never really cut out to be an actor because there is so much more that goes into it than just acting (auditioning, classes, character analysis, schmoozing, etc.), well, this can be said for any profession.  There is so much more to stage management than calling a show and there is so much more to writing than just sitting down and writing.  As time goes on, I’m learning all the additional things that go into actually establishing yourself as a writer.  It takes a lot of work and the ability to juggle many aspects of your life all at once.  Well, I’m one of those people who believe that they can do anything and will take on a lot all at once.  This week has been a real “eye opener” (this will be punny in a moment; keep reading) and I have learned that I need to rely on others more.

Therefore, this week’s post is about the song that has been running in my head this entire week:  With a Little Help From My Friends by The Beatles.  Now, I am not actually using or stealing this song for any writing purpose, but it has been my motivation for seeking help from friends and colleagues.  Every time that I feel stressed and overwhelmed, the song pops in my head and I remember that I’m not in this alone; there are people who want to help.

This week was our last week in the rehearsal hall over at Soulpepper and we move into tech next week, which is always a black hole of time; seriously, it would likely be more efficient to just sleep at the theatre some days because the commute back and forth is just tedious.  Empty Boxes also starts rehearsals this coming week and so this past week we had to have a production meeting, finalize rehearsal spaces, and do all those little things that need to get done: busy!  Then, on top of all that, I developed an infection in a scratch on my cornea and spent 13 hours Monday night sitting in the ER waiting to be seen by a doctor (see, eye jokes: funny!).  Bad week for that to happen.

So, with all of these things, I have been slightly stretched to my limit and the control freak in me had to let go and let others take over.  Really, it has been so nice to be able to rely on my partners to help get everything organized with Homestead Theatre Project and the set-up of rehearsals.  I always feel that I need to take everything on myself and never give others a chance to show what they can do.  It’s an amazing feeling when you actually relinquish that control.  I’m still exhausted, but I know that I can accomplish all that I hope to “with a little help from my friends”. 

It is nice to know that everyone working on the production of Empty Boxes is really invested in the show and want to make it happen.  I received a props list from our stage manager today and was so giddy (mainly, because, for once, it wasn’t my job to do it).  All the things are really happening.  We have all the rehearsal halls booked and a logo for the company.  We’re doing some poster shots next week.  It’s incredible.  Things are getting done and we are doing it as a team.  It’s a great learning experience for me.  I can’t do everything myself.  We all need help from other people, especially when it comes to the arts.  Even just having a friend to talk to when you are stressed is invaluable.  As well, when it comes to writing, you need feedback from your fellow artists because you are deeply involved in your work, so it is difficult to gain enough distance to look at it objectively.  Also, just for structural purposes, you can have an idea in your head, but it might not be coming across or pieces of information that you know, might be missing from the text; a second, third and fourth pair of eyes is always useful.  So this week, I’ve plundered the resources of my friends and colleagues; it’s been awesome.

Now, onto tech week!  Wish me luck!

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