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Tuesday 23 July 2013

Art Thief Philosophy Moment #1 - The Game of Life

The tricky thing about the Game of Life is that those that are playing to win, rarely do.  They focus on amassing the most stuff, but it is the person that amasses the most happiness that actually wins.  With our culture, we have equated things with happiness, but this is false.  It is a trick of the game.  The man who can be happy with very little will find the most happiness.  No one is keeping score at the end.  It is the joy we amass along the way.  The deeds we do for others.  The love we spread through the world.  Those are the things the amount to much in this game.  Those who keep their heads down and race forward miss the beauty of the sky.  They are constantly reaching for the road immediately ahead of them, but that road never changes and never ends.  The road to happiness is hidden among the stars and only by sitting very still and looking up will you ever find it.

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